Project “Artistic Journey”


 Project purpose : Create artistic shows / declamations speaking about touristic places

Please candidate here before November 25 :



Elyrea works with major touristic operators.

Elyrea proposes artistic shows or itineraries in order to allow travelers or anyone who wishes to rediscover their region to apprehend a region, a city, a country through the eyes of artistic creations referring to it.

Elyrea also likes to combine live performance with travel in order to encourage the inner journey.

In this first phase of the project, Elyrea proposes to live artists to allow to discover places or regions through theatrical declamations. It is not a question of showing places by presenting a historical fresco and accumulating informative data (as in the case of a tourist guide). It is rather a question of offering an emotion, an aesthetic and artistic experience of the visited places in order to make the spectators discover what we call with Jean-Claude Guillebaud “the spirit of the place”.

This does not preclude the use of factual information, but in the way it is presented to the public, it will be more a question of offering it through the sensitivity of an artist rather than through the analysis of a historian or a specialist. Cf our website :

This is why we privilege travel journals or notebooks of great authors or artists. This is our preferred source material to bring to light the “spirit of the place”.

As examples, here are several works that correspond to the Elyrea project (here in Greece where the project started) :

– The Colossus of Maroussi (Henry Miller)

– Prospero’s cell (L. Durrell)

– Report to Greco (Kazantzakis)

– The greek islands (L. Durrell)

– The Greek summer (Jacques Lacarrière)


Our basic offer is made up of series of declamations :

– 1 actor

– Declaimed text

– Texts talking about the place or the region where it is played

– The language and the images of the text have a real literary quality

– Simple staging insisting on the weight of the words, the emotions, the aesthetics

– Unpretentious costumes: elegant, simple, plain

– 30 mn / show including 5 mn maximum in reading on lectern

– Cycle of 3 shows (that can be played independently or as a series)

-> Please discover our artistic choices :


Why should I get involved in this adventure?

By committing yourself with us, you participate in an important project of transformation of the tourist world and the imbrication of tourism/performing arts. The adventure has just begun and the first followers who will have brought an added value to the project will only be able to benefit from it. You will also participate in highlighting local cultures and creating inspiring and rejuvenating moments for travelers.

By working with us, you will be one of the few actors referenced by Elyrea in each country. When the Travel Agencies we partner with organize a trip in your area, we will turn to you for the artistic and literary dimension of the trip. We will invest a lot of time and effort for you in our relationship with our clients :). We expect you to get a lot out of your work with us.

By joining the project, you will also commit to a communication solidarity to make the algorithms of the different social networks work in your favor: FB, LinkedIn, etc… and break the communication glass ceiling in order to make yourself known personally and as a participant in the Elyrea project.

Finally, we will create a solidarity for the creation of these shows of a new kind that you will work individually but that you can also work collectively during meetings and sharing that we will organize for this purpose.

-> You can consider this project as a side project offering you a complementary income or you can fully get committed in it in the coming years.


Mission of the actors

Find the texts and adapt them for the declamations

Learn texts by heart and create a minimalist staging

Prepare 1 minute of introductory speech for each show (context of the text, historical context, link with the place of performance, a few words about the author…)

Find locations that resonate with each declamation (different location each time).

Create a simple presentation text of the shows (taken individually and in cycles) and send it to Elyrea.

Play their shows when they are booked

The actors remain the owners of their stagings.


Elyrea’s mission at the service of actors

Accompany the actors in the creation of their shows (validation of the choice of texts, creation, staging, validation of the final show, advice on the texts, sharing on the texts when we already have ideas).

Get the shows and itineraries known

To sell the itineraries and shows created

Facilitate the relationship between actors and clients

Guarantee payment: collect clients and pay actors


ATTENTION: Elyrea does not produce the shows. The actors are self-produced.



The remuneration for your declamations and declamation itineraries will be fixed in agreement with you in order to correspond to the market requirements and to adapt to the demand. To give you an idea of what we envisage: we intend to align your remuneration with what a tour guide is paid on a hour base. The remuneration will increase according to the size of the groups for which you declaim. We will invite you to stay within a certain price range to be competitive. The amount you are paid will be decided upon completion of your application process and before you begin the actual creative work.